Best Value Home Treadmill

If size matters, then this small treadmill is appealing. The manufacturer says that it is a particular favorite around the world with the ladies. When it is set up and ready to use it only extends 120cm and it is only 58cm wide. The running board can be lifted up so that it can be easily stored, taking up no more space than an ironing board. It even has wheels on that make it easy to move around the house. Control Panel There is a display of calories (presumably how many you are losing). You can see how long you have been using the treadmill, and after an hour you can start again. The distance travelled is displayed and also the speed you are travelling up to 10km per hour. A start stop switch and emergency stop switch complete the panel. What is it good for? This compact treadmill is superb for walking and jogging. It can be a real pain getting all your jogging gear on to go outside in the cold and the rain. Just going for a walk requires some effort and it is no fun when it is dark outside and you have all the traffic fumes to contend with. Your Home Treadmill can be used whenever you want. Easy to get out of the cupboard and it gives you all the cardiovascular exercise you need by walking slowly, quickly or a steady jogging pace. My advice is to hold onto the handles to give you better stability. Conclusion As an indoor walking machine to give you all the exercise you need, It is simple to use and unobtrusive.

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