Kindness in Islam (DVD) Adam’s World 5

In Adam’s World 5, Adam learns how to deal with a mean neighborhood bully – with kindness! Despite a nightmare about facing his nemesis in the wrestling ring (and being clobbered by him) Adam bravely decides to do what a good Muslim does: try to be as kind as possible. Kindness is also emphasized with hilarious skits with puppets as well as a cartoon. And what is an Adam’s World episode without a trip on the trusty transvisualizer! This time, Adam and his friend Asad visit beautiful Malaysia, where you’ll find a train station that looks like a Masjid! On top of that, kids can sing along to a great song about charity and learn about Tilawah (Quranic Recitation) as well as the Arabic letter “Ta”. In addition, kids (and adults) will also learn more about Friday prayer and its importance in Islam. PAL (European Standard) video. Not compatible with USA NTSC standard. 30 mins

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