Life Fitness InMovement Treadmill Desk

The innovative Life Fitness InMovement Treadmill Desk is the new way to take control of your health without sacrificing your work. Designed to eradicate the poor health effects of the sedentary lifestyle, this commercial-grade machine complements the workplace in both form and function. Equipped with a silent motor, an optimal walking speed of up to 2mph and a sturdy frame, it’s reliable, dynamic and doesn’t distract from workplace productivity. In fact, studies show that increased movement boosts metabolism and morale to result in a more productive workplace. Plus, it burns three to five times more calories than sitting.

Complete with a built in connectivity panel, it’s easy to power most devices with AC power hookups, USB docks and an Ethernet connection, whilst also doubling as a cable management system. When it comes to productivity, it features a spacious desktop working area of 101 x 79cm. With an easily adjustable height, the desktop surface can accommodate height ranges of 4’10” to 6’6″.

There is an ample belt for walking – 122 x 50cm – and it features Life Fitness’s FlexDeckr Shock Absorption which ensures comfortable walking whilst reducing impact on your joints by almost 30%. Keeping track of your progress is easy thanks to the integrated LCD display, which feeds back speed, walking duration, steps taken and miles walked. For safety, there are extra wide foot rails, responsive stopping time and a convenient pause button.

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