Octane Zero Runner ZR7

The ability to imitate true running with zero impact has arrived with the Zero Runner.

Unlike any other cardio machine, Octane’s Zero Runner delivers a natural, super-smooth running stride that replicates real running without the pounding on your joints. A breakthrough in running biomechanics, it’s the ultimate tool to help you maximise your performance, break through your personal bests and strengthen your entire body for an extended running career.


Independent pedals suspend your body and engage your core so your feet never hit with the ground. Completely eliminating impact, it removes any limits to your running schedule. You can continue to increase the miles using the same muscles you would use outdoors without body stress.


Featuring bionic legs, you can replicate your personal stride path while the hip and knee pivots allow total flexibility to switch from a light ski-like motion to full, high energy strides. There’s no fixed path, or limitations. Plus, with built-in intelligence tracing the health of your running gait, you can analyse your every step, and focus on improving your performance to become a more consistent runner.


With optional cross training and the free SmartLink app (compatible with Bluetooth 4.0), you can access workouts and demo videos to incorporate a variety of pre-designed strength and flexibility exercises using resistance bands and more. Championed by professional marathoners, cross training helps you condition your body to build strength, target weak spots and minimise injury from over training. One set of light resistance bands are included with the Zero Runner. Fitted with 7 CROSS CiRCUIT attachment points, CROSS CiRCUIT Pro and Powerband Kits can be purchased as an optional extra.

Self-powered with no motor, the Zero Runner is ultra-quiet so you can train at home without distracting anyo

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